Marcel Genet
Laplace Conseil was founded in February 1995 by Marcel Genet, an international consultant with 15 years of experience as a director at McKinsey & Company where he headed the firm's world-wide steel practice.

Since its creation, Laplace Conseil has remained specialized in the metal and mineral industries and has provided distinct and personalized advice to CEO's and senior management, often in anticipation of major strategic moves, alliances or mergers.

As a small firm, we strive to tailor our missions to the specific needs of our clients, building on an extensive information base of major industry trends and evolution so as to provide prompt response and flexible  support.

We also work with a large network of partners around the world, often former McKinsey colleagues, so as to provide a global perspective to solve our clients problems.

Laplace Conseil was named in honor of Pierre-Simon de Laplace (1749-1827), French mathematician, astronomer and physician who, among other major achievements, put statistics and probability on a strong theoretical and practical footing. His all encompassing vision of the universe finds an echo in our consulting approach that considers the client's problem from all relevant angles: strategic, financial, commercial, industrial and social.

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