Laplace Conseil interventions cover four major areas:          

We have helped several clients develop and implement their strategy for growth, acquisition, geographic expansion and sometimes restructuring. For these projects, we work closely with internal client teams as well as external advisors when necessary
(investment banks, auditors, experts) to provide a complete framework from initial opportunity scoping and due diligence, to post merger implementation. 
Market Development
With our unique mix of international partners and dedicated internal consultants, we are able to provide rapid, precise and efficient market analysis for assessing market opportunities. Most of our work in this area is conducted in Asia and particularly in China.

Operations Improvements
Since the mid-eighties, Marcel Genet and his team have refined a particularly effective method - Delta - for engineering fast turnaround in overheads, industrial and commercial operations. Ex-post audits have proven the method’s effectiveness, which rests on management commitment and large client teams.

Risk management
Marcel Genet is a recognized expert in several aspects of financial risk management. Laplace Conseil was the first to be selected by the LME to assist in investigating the feasibility of launching Steel Future contracts.
These areas are often approached simultaneously, in keeping with our philosophy to offer tailor-made solutions and a global approach of change management through value analysis.

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