Below, are some  presentations by our firm:

L'Industrie Nouvelle des Métaux
Maison de la Chimie
Paris, 16 Octobre 2007

New Steel Paradigm
November, 2006

Steel New Era or New Cycles for the 21st Century
2007 SBB Steel Markets Europe Conference

Steel and Manganese prospects to 2012
2007 International Manganese Institute Conference

Other presentations by our firm:

Metal Bulletin March 28, 2002

ECSC: unprecedented growth, mounting problems
Metal Bulletin May 2, 2002

Metal Bulletin June 20, 2002

Steel after the ECSC
Metal Bulletin July 22, 2002

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Analysis and Survey Results for the
Establishment of Steel Future Contracts

Abstract of a presentation to LME members
May 22, 2003

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The Steel Industry Globalization trends
Abstract of a presentation to LME members
May 23, 2003


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